Emergency Roadside Assistance and Hurricane Season


Even in hard times, We're here.

Being locals ourselves, We know how stressful hurricane season is. 

We want to express that even in stressful times like these, We're here for you guys.

Even we have our limits, When the weathers bad.

We experienced an over-load to our phone lines last year during Hurricane Irma. And everyone who had anything to do with any roadside assistance came across an influx of calls when the local gas stations started shutting down in preparation for the storm.

We ask you, Please, prepare yourselves before the hype gets bad.

If there is no fuel available to the general public, there is no fuel available for us either.

We here at LBC will do everything within our means to help our community in these stressful times.

But please understand, There might be some things that we simply cannot achieve.

We will always help you find another option, If the circumstance arises.

First to show, Last to leave.

We work around the clock when weather gets rough. And we stay until we can't anymore.

Last Hurricane season, many of us were faced with evacuation. Many of us did evacuate. Many of us hunkered down.

We stayed close by, and when the "All Clear" was given to us, we came out the gate, ready to help.