Want to be a part of L.B.C?

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LBC Is Hiring! 

First off, I'd like to say thank you for taking the time to give this a read!

LBC is a small company located in Homosassa Florida, and we are currently accepting applications for many different positions.

We are currently seeking people to fill our mobile technician fields, sales, and secretarial positions. Every applicant must be self- motivated, clean, professional, must be able to work as a team or by themselves. Must understand the importance of manors, customer service, the mission of LBC, and the ability to sustain a clean work environment.

If you feel that any of these positions might interest you, Please feel free to send us your resume or request for employment application. We would love to have you as a member of LBC, and look forward to hearing from you! *Please Subject emails with the position you are interested in*

Mobile technicians:  

must have valid drivers license, and own vehicle. Must be reliable. Truck or Van preferred. Must have proof of valid insurance on vehicle that's going to be used. Must have tools to complete tasks, we can help with tools if needed. Must have knowledge and experience of working on vehicles. Lube Tech experience is a plus. Diesel experience is a plus.


 Our sales team must be self- motivated, and able to communicate clearly to home office/HR/and owners. Must be able to trouble shoot problems that may arise, and be able to uphold the values of LBC and what we stand for. Must be able to use smartphone/tablet/computer with internet connectivity. Must be comfortable with speaking to general public and private businesses, and people all walks of life.  If you have an attitude or poor manors don't even apply for this position.

Diesel Techs:

Must be self-motivated. Must have experience in diesel class A and class B commercial trucks. Must have time-management skills. Must have references. Ability to troubleshoot minor issues. Must have own means of transportation, Truck or Van preferred. Valid drivers license and proof of valid insurance. CDL preferred, not a requirement. Must have own tools. Any specialty tools we can help with getting. Must be familiar with DOT regulations and importance of a driver passing or failing a DOT exam. Must be able to communicate clearly to Home Office/HR/Supervisors/Owners. Must be able to document information clearly. 


preferred open availability but not required. Must have experience in customer service and sales. management experience a plus. Must be polite and able to trouble shoot basic problems, must be able to use office style phone, computer, basic email, and scheduling template. Smart phone/Tablet/Home computer is required if needed with internet connectivity.  must be able to communicate clearly to both technicians, sales teams, HR/Owners/Supervisors. Must understand the importance of the LBC brand and commitment to our customers. Must have manors, if you have a bad attitude, don't apply.

On - Call Positions:

Each category has on-call positions, perfect for those with tight schedules that are looking for just a little something else. You pick your hours and times, and we put you on call. You also have to be open minded to being "called in", we will offer it to you, but that doesn't mean you have to accept when your 'off duty'. whether you are already in a position and want an on-call position as well, that's fine. If you just want a position where you are JUST on call when your 'On Call'. That's fine too. Looking for people who are comfortable with 24 hour on call 'Road Rescue' Service (Phone Reps and Mobile Techs)  :)